Digital Cinema and Computer Graphics Complex

A wide range of services for any project complexity.

The Digital Cinema and Computer Graphics Complex production complex offers you a full range of tools for video creation and match with the highest international film production standards.

We produces entire workflow digital post-production steps – starting from footage processing and storage to publishing final mastering copy.

Our technical equipment allows working with all types of media on any video production step film development: printing, digitizing raw materials (all types of cameras), creating video files for intermediate work and viewing, creating masters for movie theaters and broadcasting, color grading, image restoration. Results you could check on DOLBY PRM-4200 reference monitors and BARCO DP4K-P, Barco Alchemy DP4K-19B projectors.

All equipment connected to a high-speed Rohde & Schwarz DVS spycerboxcell online server, providing up to 6 simultaneous uncompressed 4K video streams. Current network configuration allows all team members collaborate the same project in real time. Data exchange with external vendors proceed with to 2 GB/s Internet connection speed via encryption service Aspera Faspex™, our own cloud service Storage.Mosfilm and FTP allows you to transfer large amounts of data in a short time.

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