Film workshop

full range of services from scanning to printing


To digitize film footage (16mm and 35mm), we use the Thompson Spirit Datacine 2001 hardware which also has primary color correction of the original image.

Pogle Evolution control panel is using to control and adjust correction parameters. Moving film is carried out in real time in HD resolution in any video format.

Calibrated Dolby PRM-4200 monitor for shooting material quality control of and color changes tracking.

Two film scanners - Arriscanner by ARRI and Northlight by BASELIGHT are obtaining digital image master-quality (up to 8k) and performance frame-by-frame film scanning in dpx format.

Hardware and Software

  • LaserGraphics ScanStation film scanner
  • NORTHLIGHT film scanner
  • ARRILASER AL-283 film laser
  • SPIRIT DATACINE 2001 TV-movie complex and PANDORA POGLE color grading panel

  • DOLBY PRM-4200 control monitor
  • TEKTRONIX WFM 700 signal monitoring system