Reference Preview Theatre

Cinema Theater for DCP quality control


Quality control Reference Room for 2D and 3D DCP. Room equipped with a Dolby CP750 digital cinema server and a BARCO DP4K-19B projector with an integrated DCI BARCO ALCHEMY media server.

Projector constantly passed calibrating check process and matches all etalon standards for digital cinema viewing. The Room also equipped with a tiflocom commenting system for the visually impaired and deafness viewers.

Hardware and Software

  • BARCO DP4K-19B video projector with integrated DCI BARCO ALCHEMY media server
  • Clipster R&S software complex
  • Tiflocommentation system for visually impaired and hard of hearing viewers.

  • Dolby CP750 digital cinema processor
  • Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 sound system