Media Data Storage

ALTO digital disk library with a maximum capacity up to 3.6PB


Media data storage carried out with two basically different approaches - online disks and the library storage.

Online arrays are relevant while active production, when you need to request footage frequently and high channel throughput is required. The library storage, on the other hand, is relevant in the passive phase, when the dailies are still arriving and there is no frequent access to the sources needed, or vice versa, when the project is already completed and you need to safely archive the master copy and raws.

We use an array of Rohde & Schwarz DVS spycerboxcell as online server. It’s providing simultaneous operation of up to 6 streams of uncompressed video in 4K resolution. Such combination is enough for work on one project for several team members simultaneously - editing, color correction, computer graphics, viewing room demonstration, etc.

The ALTO digital disk library makes possible long-term storage (at least 100 years) and downloading digital videos and audio materials in any formats upon request.

While shooting and editing, the source files are archived. As soon as the color grading stage begins, the footage, included in the final editing, copying to the production server. The full footage is still in the archive until the publishing.

Currently, the total maximum storage volume is 1000 TB, but it can be expanded to any desired size if necessary.

Data exchange with external vendors proceed with to 2 GB/s Internet connection speed via encryption service Aspera Faspex™, our own cloud service Storage.Mosfilm and FTP, which allows you to transfer large amounts of data in a short time.

Hardware and Software

ALTO electronic disk backup and archiving system with maximum capacity up to 3.6PB.